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Educational Sailing Excursions

Hands-on learning aboard a historic vessel!

Quick Details

Person Price Per Person | Up to 8 People

Learn the Basics of Sailing!

This educational program provides a glimpse back in time to the days before motor-powered vessels, when wind-powered sailing vessels of all types dominated the waters. The program begins with a history lesson on the role of international sailing ships during the periods of early exploration through the antebellum cotton era and afterward, when lumber, sponges, naval stores, and European fineries were the objects of commerce.

From there, we begin to take a closer look at the sailing vessel, Heritage, by exploring the character of a traditionally designed and built wooden sailing vessel. You receive an introduction to nautical terminology and the terms essential for managing the vessel while underway and for safety. You receive an introduction into how the sails are managed to achieve forward movement for a spectrum of 300 out of the 360 degrees of the compass based on concepts illustrated in the “points of sail” diagram.

At the end of the classroom setting, we take a tour of the Heritage to orient everyone to the rigging, steerage, and other elements appropriate for a short-term sailing excursion. The captain and crew provide a hands-on demonstration of the sailing concepts provided in the classroom setting. You have the opportunity to assist in the raising and lowering of the sails, trimming the running rigging, steering with the tiller, navigation, and course-plotting. Silently slicing through the waters aboard the magnificent Heritage provides an experience that words alone cannot adequately convey.

About the Heritage

The Heritage is the 58 ft. wooden ketch built by the L. Francis Herreshoff Mobjack design of the 1930s. She is constructed with a double-planked hull of fir over cedar, joined to laminate oak frames by Monel fasteners. The decks, cabin sides, and sole are constructed of teak. Masts and spars are constructed from Sitka spruce.

What to Bring

  • Camera to capture the memories!